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Remembering The Big Picture.

Title Card frame from Ray Eames' Powers of Ten

Bernice Alexandra ‘Ray’ Eames (1912-1988) was an American designer, filmmaker and wife to Charles Eames who designed some of the best-known iconic pieces of contemporary American furniture. Ray often documented her passions in short films on various subjects. In 1968, she made Powers of Ten, a quietly stunning journey from the depths of space to within a nucleus of an atom.

This small film has always helped me to remember the big picture and still never fails as a reminder to always put things in context and perspective.

The film may be over 40 years old today but the little lesson it imparted on me still has a large effect on how I view things moving towards the future.

Thank You, Ray and Charles Eames.

Watch the EamesOffice Powers of Ten video here:

A concept site based on the short film:


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Steal Our Ideas.


STEAL OUR IDEAS is a blog by art director and writer Jon & Adam’s unproduced ideas.

I really like the concept of giving now.. never gave it much thought. This shift of mentality is important as I see that this will be the next important thing for marketeers and entrepreneur. In fact, I receive this email from Alex Lam couple of months ago, went through it but never gave it much thought about it. Anyway, it is about changing trends of marketing a brand and its titled appropriately as, GENERATION G.

Anyway, back to S.O.I, this blog just started since it only have 1 and 1/4 page but already it captured my attention of their approach in creating ideas and where they get it from. ZERO BOUNDARIES. I have to remind myself of this. I love this site and will definitely bookmark it. What say you?