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Juice 7th Anniversary magazine cover design

Having came up with this idea, I feel like a proud father to a newborn. (CONGRATS CK of Ben’s Bitches!)

After spending a couple of hours making corrugated lines BY HAND! Here it is my friends, me artwork.

Well, the idea behind this artwork is to give front covers extra function, user-interaction. Instead of just looking pretty these corrugated front covers can be used by readers as a frame to capture the essence of Malaysia. Also, with the headline up front, its a bloody good marketing tool to spread brandnames via user-generated content sites such as Facebook and Flickr.

So marketeers/authors/magazine owners, what are you waiting for?! GET YOUR BITCH ASS UP and contact us!

ps: I still hope that Juice magazine would use this idea for their new magazine cover, or anyone who is interested in making their front cover rock ass!


C.U.M: What the Duck? ’09

Finally got around to upload artwork done for Creative United Movement’s What the Duck?.

These pictures are recycling bins placed in ShoesShoesShoes and Lush Icon in Bangsar. Also we have one in Palate-Pallete but got no pictures. Sorry, blame it on Mel. 😛