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Check this out… Streamyx “SUPPOSEDLY” provide the best internet connection for the Malaysians. KISS MY ASS!

#everyoneconnects this to those leeches!!
Look at this graph and you’ll know why I’m so pissed off! Other nations are getting better connections for a fraction of the price TM charge us here. DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!



Hey guys, this is an online campaign by the guys at WALLPAPER and URBAN OUTFITTERS. Its called Impossible Project.

The idea is to continue the production of polaroid films through the support from US! Help them out, spam your friends’ emails, buy their t-shirts, send their maid over to do their cleaning so they dont waste money hiring cleaners!… do whatever..

HELP BRING BACK POLAROID !!!!!! cuz my polaroid camera is sitting in my room collecting dust.. 😦
Impossible project

Leica a-la carte

Oooooohhhhhh damn, this camera makes me drool. Check this out. This is a fully customizable camera that enables buyers to choose 4000 different technical and styling options. FOUR FREAKING THOUSAND! Anyway, if you like to see more, click here.

Anyone wanna buy a D90? Anyone?


Thanks Design You Trust.

1930s stop-motion by Charley Bowers.

Check out this amazing stop-motion animation done by Charley Bowers back in the 30s! I am amazed by the smoothness of this animation. How on earth did he do it so smoothly without any help from computers and technologies. Kinda put 21st century animators to shame I tell you. Anyway, enjoy Charley Bowers and his auto-egg laying chicken/bird.

Thanks Neatorama.

Coolest website EVA! (for now)

Check out this really cool website done by Boone Oakley. Unlike any websites I’ve seen before, these guys really used the creativity to the max by using YouTube as their website! Don’t know what I mean? Check out the video posted. IT IS UBER COOOLLLLLL!!!!!!! I love it! What say you?

Cyborg Beetle is here. Cool but scarry as hell..

GRRRR !!!!

Wow, check out this article. Apparently scientists in the States have somehow able to control beetle using electronic implants. Funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), these beetles have their muscles control electronically via wireless technology. Oh yea, they also plan to do more research into developing these cyborg-insects from catepillar stage on…hmmm, i wonder what would mothernature do once these fella evolve into some kinda cybernetic killing machine that feeds on human flesh…. (gotta stay off tv and coffee)

I’m scared but amazed by what these guys can come up with. What say you?

Image courtesy of Hirotaka Sato and Michel M. Maharbiz, U. C. Berkeley

Alcatel Lego Cell Phone


Alcatel have created a Lego style mobile phone which is capable of being slightly changed.

Different parts of the faceplate on the phone can be snapped off and fastened back together with different colours.

Look at it as a fancy face plate that for some reason, is just way cooler then the non Lego versions.

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