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I LIKE BANANA SPLIT ! Who’s with me !?

On lighter note…

This video made my day. E’nuff said. Watch and enjoy.

Clients from Hell!!!!

Funny tumblr site where people upload hilarious, usually outrageous, demands from clients. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Anyway, my favourite line is:

“The unicorns don’t look realistic enough.” – Client

“Could we try a darker black?”- Client

Enjoy it here.


Check this out… Streamyx “SUPPOSEDLY” provide the best internet connection for the Malaysians. KISS MY ASS!

#everyoneconnects this to those leeches!!
Look at this graph and you’ll know why I’m so pissed off! Other nations are getting better connections for a fraction of the price TM charge us here. DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!

Greatest art show EVA!

Went to an “art show” last weekend. And honestly, i fucking hate artists. The only reason i went there is to watch Panda Head Curry perform cuz these guys don’t take themselves too seriously and being a tight-arse and all…plus they are my friends.

Anyway, found this thing on Boston Globe’s BIG PICTURE and it really caught my attention. French street theatre group Royal de Luxe did a street art-show to commemorate Germany’s 19th Anniversary reunification. What a great way to celebrate! And this is how art show should be done!! I’m looking at you art-farts!

greatest art show

Just to top it off, this is taken from a German newspaper, The Local
“Last year, Barack Obama wasn’t allowed to speak at the Brandenburg Gate, it’s so sacred a national landmark. On Saturday, a French puppet giantess was permitted to squat at the foot of it and take a wee.

God bless Berlin.

Gotta love the Germans

Best client brief EVA!


Huhuhuhh, kinda reminded me of my freelance/student days with Ben’s Bitches and now defuncted Disarseter Records. This is why i love to work with musicians who don’t take themselves too seriously but produce great works. Hhhmmm… could Lucid be working with great musicians one day?

Wouldn’t that be nice.

Thanks Swiss Miss

Tate and Threadless team-up!

Ok, i’m taking this from an advertising p.o.v. How do you spread interests to the public about Tate Modern Art museum? Team up with the largest pop t-shirt producers in the world! Duh!

But why hasn’t anyone done it till now? I mean, collaborative projects between two different entities is nothing new. Anyway, you guys tell me what it is about. Here’s the link to t-shirt designing joy! YAY!

Tate Threadless


Hey guys, this is an online campaign by the guys at WALLPAPER and URBAN OUTFITTERS. Its called Impossible Project.

The idea is to continue the production of polaroid films through the support from US! Help them out, spam your friends’ emails, buy their t-shirts, send their maid over to do their cleaning so they dont waste money hiring cleaners!… do whatever..

HELP BRING BACK POLAROID !!!!!! cuz my polaroid camera is sitting in my room collecting dust.. 😦
Impossible project