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Happiness is…

…trying to stay positive when everything (wonderfully written, well thought article) you typed for this post gets lost in the digital cloud (there’s a short story of how that happened, but it’s too painful to explain). …so here’s a really great … Continue reading


Check this out… Streamyx “SUPPOSEDLY” provide the best internet connection for the Malaysians. KISS MY ASS!

#everyoneconnects this to those leeches!!
Look at this graph and you’ll know why I’m so pissed off! Other nations are getting better connections for a fraction of the price TM charge us here. DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!

Greatest art show EVA!

Went to an “art show” last weekend. And honestly, i fucking hate artists. The only reason i went there is to watch Panda Head Curry perform cuz these guys don’t take themselves too seriously and being a tight-arse and all…plus they are my friends.

Anyway, found this thing on Boston Globe’s BIG PICTURE and it really caught my attention. French street theatre group Royal de Luxe did a street art-show to commemorate Germany’s 19th Anniversary reunification. What a great way to celebrate! And this is how art show should be done!! I’m looking at you art-farts!

greatest art show

Just to top it off, this is taken from a German newspaper, The Local
“Last year, Barack Obama wasn’t allowed to speak at the Brandenburg Gate, it’s so sacred a national landmark. On Saturday, a French puppet giantess was permitted to squat at the foot of it and take a wee.

God bless Berlin.

Gotta love the Germans

HALLO! i’m bacckk!

hey hey hey guys, wow, can’t believe its been a month since we’ve updated this blog! HOLY SHIT! All of our hardwork of bringing in traffic went away! Now we have to start all over again. Kinda. This shows that in the world of social-web space, hard work, consistency and perseverance is important. In fact, it is important in our daily lives. Changes happens because of hardworking-consistent group of people.

Never doubt a small group of thoughtful, commited citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
– Margaret Mead

Having said that, I’d like to top off this wonderful Friday morning with this video of what a small group of people can do to change so many lives. Enjoy

Thanks Swiss Miss and Charity Water.

Caravan: Rent/Swap a home. Creatives only. YAY!


Caravan is a free house swap and sublet resource for Creative Folk Only.  It’s been dubbed as the Craigslist for Creatives.

Caravan is free to use though you need to register to get in touch with other listers.  This is to stop real estate agents and erectile dysfunction drug pushers from getting onto the site.  If you want to register to get in touch with a lister, click ‘list for free’ and skip straight to registration.

Advertising World vs. Real World

Funny i stumbled upon this because Kel, Fiona and I were talking about what advertising does to people’s mindset about a particular product, which sometimes, in reality, the product is just some plain crappy shit.

Anyway, having said that, I want to show you guys this nice advertisement from Cellcom (Israel cellphone service provider)

Advertising World: Cellcom bridges all boundaries, whether you are Palestinians or Israelites.

Real World: This is what Palestinians across the border did after the advertisement was aired. Instead of all peace and love, these guys got bombarded by tear gas instead.


Dali + Disney = Destino

Yeap, ever wondered what will the result be if you mix Salvador Dali’s vision with Walt Disney’s imagination? Kinda weird and creepy if you ask me. Goes well with magic mushroom though. Anyway guys, better watch this before the lawyers of disney finds out and pull the plug on this video.


Thanks Neatorama and Monsters & Rockets.