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Do Americans run on Dunkin?

It’s my turn this time! I was freaking out what to do and present during the Monday’s WIP meeting. Then…just 2 days before the presentation, on the weekend, I got attracted to their TVC which was aired in one of their outlets in Ikano, Damansara. I think it’s cool that they did it with a super long-shot! Check it out!

Then it struck me, do Americans really run on Dunkin?? I went back and started the case studies. The agency who did this campaign was Hill Holiday in Boston. The task given to them was to transform Dunkin into a national powerhouse brand and to go against its competitor such as Starbucks and McDonalds! So, the agency did a research and they found the Americans are constantly on the go, looking to complete the next task on their to-do lists, succeed in their endeavors, and just to get through the day. This observation of consumer behavior is exactly what Boston agency Hill Holliday considered when they created the “America Runs On Dunkin’” campaign.

Rather than position the daily cup of coffee as a relaxing escape to a busy day, Hill Holliday promoted Dunkin Donuts coffee as human fuel, used to help the everyday American succeed in their hectic life. In fact, this campaign possesses all of the qualities of a simple, sticky idea that Chip and Dan Heath promote in their book, Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die. According to the Heath brothers model, a simple idea must fit a simple formula: Simple = Core + Compact.

Hill Holliday chose the core value of the product (Dunkin Donuts gets you through your busy day) and used it to create this very successful campaign.

Results? They are eclipsed Starbucks as the #1 in customer loyalty for 2 years running (Brand keys) and Voted 2007 ‘Marketer of the Year’ by Restaurant News. As of today, this campaign is still running and they are exploring the Social Media side of things with a Fan Page of Facebook and also this micro website which i’m not to sure if the mechanic worked on the consumers.

You can check out their TVC(s) and other creative collaterals here! 🙂

Tho the campaign is very sucessful in US, it might not work as strong if it were in Malaysia. Hence they only share the TVC and not it’s campaign here. 😛 Wonder if Dunkin Donuts Malaysia should do something… they used to be the ONLY donut francise in Malaysia but….other francise like Big Apple Donuts, J.Co Donuts and Krispy Kreme is here now! Yummmz….

On lighter note…

This video made my day. E’nuff said. Watch and enjoy.

Clients from Hell!!!!

Funny tumblr site where people upload hilarious, usually outrageous, demands from clients. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Anyway, my favourite line is:

“The unicorns don’t look realistic enough.” – Client

“Could we try a darker black?”- Client

Enjoy it here.

Greatest art show EVA!

Went to an “art show” last weekend. And honestly, i fucking hate artists. The only reason i went there is to watch Panda Head Curry perform cuz these guys don’t take themselves too seriously and being a tight-arse and all…plus they are my friends.

Anyway, found this thing on Boston Globe’s BIG PICTURE and it really caught my attention. French street theatre group Royal de Luxe did a street art-show to commemorate Germany’s 19th Anniversary reunification. What a great way to celebrate! And this is how art show should be done!! I’m looking at you art-farts!

greatest art show

Just to top it off, this is taken from a German newspaper, The Local
“Last year, Barack Obama wasn’t allowed to speak at the Brandenburg Gate, it’s so sacred a national landmark. On Saturday, a French puppet giantess was permitted to squat at the foot of it and take a wee.

God bless Berlin.

Gotta love the Germans

Best client brief EVA!


Huhuhuhh, kinda reminded me of my freelance/student days with Ben’s Bitches and now defuncted Disarseter Records. This is why i love to work with musicians who don’t take themselves too seriously but produce great works. Hhhmmm… could Lucid be working with great musicians one day?

Wouldn’t that be nice.

Thanks Swiss Miss


Hey guys, this is an online campaign by the guys at WALLPAPER and URBAN OUTFITTERS. Its called Impossible Project.

The idea is to continue the production of polaroid films through the support from US! Help them out, spam your friends’ emails, buy their t-shirts, send their maid over to do their cleaning so they dont waste money hiring cleaners!… do whatever..

HELP BRING BACK POLAROID !!!!!! cuz my polaroid camera is sitting in my room collecting dust.. 😦
Impossible project

Caravan: Rent/Swap a home. Creatives only. YAY!


Caravan is a free house swap and sublet resource for Creative Folk Only.  It’s been dubbed as the Craigslist for Creatives.

Caravan is free to use though you need to register to get in touch with other listers.  This is to stop real estate agents and erectile dysfunction drug pushers from getting onto the site.  If you want to register to get in touch with a lister, click ‘list for free’ and skip straight to registration.

Skinnipopcorn by SkinnyMonkey

Remember when movie reviews was like this?

We used to read reviews from film critics who usually give a short review that sounded practically the same, using different words to describe a movie. Its as if they have a list of words for Good, Not-so-good, ok, two-thumbs-up, excellent, etc. and put them together, TA-DAAAAA, movie reviewed. Lunch break.

Then the internet came along, and you have websites like RottenTomatoes and MetaCritic.

Now, we have SkinniPopcorn, a website that captures people’s tweet from around the world about the particular movie you like to watch this weekend. How nice! 140 or less character review; quick, simple and easy. And I like their tagline too, No Fuss Movie Buzz.


Thanks NotCot


In the future Lucideas gonna have our very own band. The picture taken during their practice after office hour. The first song that they were practicing was Wonderwall by Oasis. Hope to hear the full version of the song from them soon. Go Girl!!Lucid Band

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Leica a-la carte

Oooooohhhhhh damn, this camera makes me drool. Check this out. This is a fully customizable camera that enables buyers to choose 4000 different technical and styling options. FOUR FREAKING THOUSAND! Anyway, if you like to see more, click here.

Anyone wanna buy a D90? Anyone?


Thanks Design You Trust.