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Coolest resume EVA! (for now)


This is one cool way to get employer’s attention..make a cool ass looking infographic-resume. I like..what say you?

The Perry Bible Fellowship

perry bible

The Perry Bible Fellowship is an Eisner-winning comic strip drawn by Nicholas Gurewitch. It was once published on a weekly basis for publications like the UK Guardian, and the Baltimore City paper.

Advertising using graffiti. (Another reason I love Bangkok)

Graffiti ads

A campaign done by Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. These guys are responsible for the conservation and protection of wild elephants in Thailand. For those who have been to Bangkok, I’m pretty sure you have seen elephants begging on streets. Usually these operators use orphaned elephants to lure tourists pay to take a photo or feed the animal. This ad campaign is done to discourage tourists from supporting “elephant begging” and they have used the most interesting way to spread the message.

But i can’t help but notice that these graffiti are sprayed on some wall in abandoned buildings. Which kinda defeat the purpose of advertising when no one can see it, especially tourists. But I still love the concept and idea behind it.

What say you?

Check out more pictures of these cool graffiti ads here.
Thanks Neat-o-rama. and greygonemad.

Malaysian music scene. (back in the days)

Romzi Dan the Hooks

Hey guys, recently my friend Azmyl send me an email that really got me excited. No, it’s not any naked photos of local politicians or celebs. He send me a this, a collection of vinyls of long-gone era of Pop Yeh-Yeh bands. What is Pop Yeh-Yeh? Well, it is a music movement in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei back in the days (’60s – ’70s) when The Beatles reigned radio waves around the world. These are bands who dressed, played and usually come as quartets and sings in Malay. These were the hey-days of Malay pop music.

Thanks, Azmyl for the link. Image source taken from Radio Fussion.

Tidiness & Creativity

Do you think that tidiness is directly related to creativity?

That is, the more untidy one is, the more brilliantly creative they are?

A tidy office is like a blank sheet of paper for the mind. It’s fresh, unadulterated and full of promise. An untidy office is the past 100 days news all piled into one big heap of a mess. Waddling through everything just takes too much effort, so the pile keeps stocking up. Kind of like living I suppose in a garbage dump. After awhile we get so used to the stench that it becomes background noise, or filth.

Organized Chaos– Where things look like they are in disarray, but are actually in a systematic order.Organized chaos is alive, with a heart-beat. It says someone lives here, there’s life, there’s energy, but we’ve got it under control.

As opposed to pure Chaos – Where you just don’t know where anything is. Including your brain.

As opposed to Sanitized Chaos- suggesting that everything is just too anally clean that it makes the people within it feel the need to become chaotic just to stay sane and human.

If designers are for clean layouts and keeping things simple and minimal on a page- then I believe they must want this as a reflected within their living and working spaces.

If copywriters are for keeping things simple make for more effective advertisements, then I believe they too deep down enjoy simplicity.

So, no I don’t think tidiness and creativity are dependent on each other. Einsteins hair, the mess that it was, I’m sure had some sort of formula to it.

Here are some interesting links I found on the matter:—Do-you-work-in-one-/!&id=1598571

In conclusion: I say: Vote for a Clean Environment Space! Vote for a Better Tomorrow!

When can we clean up our office?


Organised Chaos Vs Just Pure Chaos

Organised Chaos

Just Pure Chaos

Dreaming big is not so bad of a thing.

When i read this, put a smile on my face. This book is so simple yet strike such an impact on me. Kinda reminds me that sometimes we dream too much of unnecessary things.

Anyway, enjoy this book by Dallas Clayton.

Thanks Julia.dallas_clayton_ccover


When I was young,

I was always fascinated with books about utopian societies. Or dystopian societies.

My favourite book was George Orwell’s 1984.

Now, I find myself fascinated with the idea of utopian working environments.

I wanna read that book.