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Do Americans run on Dunkin?

It’s my turn this time! I was freaking out what to do and present during the Monday’s WIP meeting. Then…just 2 days before the presentation, on the weekend, I got attracted to their TVC which was aired in one of their outlets in Ikano, Damansara. I think it’s cool that they did it with a super long-shot! Check it out!

Then it struck me, do Americans really run on Dunkin?? I went back and started the case studies. The agency who did this campaign was Hill Holiday in Boston. The task given to them was to transform Dunkin into a national powerhouse brand and to go against its competitor such as Starbucks and McDonalds! So, the agency did a research and they found the Americans are constantly on the go, looking to complete the next task on their to-do lists, succeed in their endeavors, and just to get through the day. This observation of consumer behavior is exactly what Boston agency Hill Holliday considered when they created the “America Runs On Dunkin’” campaign.

Rather than position the daily cup of coffee as a relaxing escape to a busy day, Hill Holliday promoted Dunkin Donuts coffee as human fuel, used to help the everyday American succeed in their hectic life. In fact, this campaign possesses all of the qualities of a simple, sticky idea that Chip and Dan Heath promote in their book, Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die. According to the Heath brothers model, a simple idea must fit a simple formula: Simple = Core + Compact.

Hill Holliday chose the core value of the product (Dunkin Donuts gets you through your busy day) and used it to create this very successful campaign.

Results? They are eclipsed Starbucks as the #1 in customer loyalty for 2 years running (Brand keys) and Voted 2007 ‘Marketer of the Year’ by Restaurant News. As of today, this campaign is still running and they are exploring the Social Media side of things with a Fan Page of Facebook and also this micro website which i’m not to sure if the mechanic worked on the consumers.

You can check out their TVC(s) and other creative collaterals here! 🙂

Tho the campaign is very sucessful in US, it might not work as strong if it were in Malaysia. Hence they only share the TVC and not it’s campaign here. 😛 Wonder if Dunkin Donuts Malaysia should do something… they used to be the ONLY donut francise in Malaysia but….other francise like Big Apple Donuts, J.Co Donuts and Krispy Kreme is here now! Yummmz….

Holy Mother!

In 2007, Coca-Cola Australia launched their first energy drink – Mother – in attempt to tap into the growing energy drinks market. It was a huge flop. After doing some market research to find out why, they found that the reason was simple; it tasted terrible. So it was back to the labs and coming up with a brand new formula to give V and Red Bull a run for their money. Coca-Cola Australia engaged Smart Inc. to come to the rescue of their dying brand gasping for air like an asphyxiated prostitute in the midst of a snuff movie. Ah, i digress. Back to ‘Mother’.

Smart Inc came up with this:

‘Mother’ was made-over like Ugly Betty, with brand new packaging and a totally different taste. Word on the streets is: it was a success. Any guesses as to who their target market is? The absolutely ‘brilliant’ tagline should give you a clue.

NIKE – unveils the secret of AIR!

post taken from ZAZI’s new blog check it out!!

NIKE – unveils the secret of AIR!

Humour in an advert is always good. I always remember the funny ones. The clever ones…. well, they’re so so … Sometimes adverts are clever but while watching them you can feel the eerie presence of 10 or 20 creative types, the ones who wear unfashionable glasses and ‘statement’ type clothing… there they are sitting in a circle, holding hands and swaying back and forth around a pile of empty coffee cups and the soft neon glow of the latest imac – chanting ‘inspiration now, inspiration now….’ ; clever adverts are nice but they’re rarely memorable. Funny adverts… now they’re in a class of their own as i suspect this new Nike advert will be. It is the perfect balance of so many things…. The brand, the notion behind the logo, the sportspeople that they sponsor… it’s all there and it’s all working. Even the choice of backing track is spot on. Intelligent Advertising, but it does fall ever so slightly short of making you want to BUY a new pair of Nikes. So as PESHybrid said, if you put on your Nikes last friday and chatted up every chick in the club I guess you got Tiger Woods air.

Selling high tech the emo way.

This ad was done back in the early 80’s.  I don’t know about you, but I think these guys got what this business is all about even way back then.

Try proposing something like this to a local marketing director, and the first thing he’d say is – “No, that’s negative sell, I don’t want to associate my product to something like that, we’re in the business of helping  people enjoy life with great music and clear sounds, not make people get sad with cheating and breaking up. Where’s the Hi-Fi set, where’s the disco dancing, where’s the orchestra? Where’s the bit that shows (the technology advancement) for the millions of dollars we’ve put into R&D. We’ve put a lot of money into developing that special patented feature that no one else has, so you better mention it”.

Especially if they’re marketeers above 40, and the only market they’ve worked in is Malaysia.

I like how witty the endline is.

New Rules in Marketing Communications

Introducing the future of marketing and advertising. It’s gotten a lot more complicated in the last few years, and will get even more so in the future. If you’re a business owner, or manage marketing and advertising for a medium sized company, and wondering how to move your products and services in this increasingly complex marketing environment, you should come for our talk.
The rapidly changing marketing environment and changing consumer consumption behaviors have changed the way we need to engage and connect with our target consumers. At our talk, we’ll show you the evidence on why you need to change, but more importantly, HOW?

With heaps of great examples of international case studies, as well as some proven local ones, we’ll share with you some cutting edge ideas and new ways on how to connect with and engage your target market – no matter what industry you may be in, or how small your advertising budget is.

Social Media: How Does One Use It Effectively?

Date : 12th November 20090

Location : 42, Changkat Bukit Bintang

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50200

Daikanyama, Kuala Lumpur
BEL flyer
Price : RM50 per person

Tate and Threadless team-up!

Ok, i’m taking this from an advertising p.o.v. How do you spread interests to the public about Tate Modern Art museum? Team up with the largest pop t-shirt producers in the world! Duh!

But why hasn’t anyone done it till now? I mean, collaborative projects between two different entities is nothing new. Anyway, you guys tell me what it is about. Here’s the link to t-shirt designing joy! YAY!

Tate Threadless

Caravan: Rent/Swap a home. Creatives only. YAY!


Caravan is a free house swap and sublet resource for Creative Folk Only.  It’s been dubbed as the Craigslist for Creatives.

Caravan is free to use though you need to register to get in touch with other listers.  This is to stop real estate agents and erectile dysfunction drug pushers from getting onto the site.  If you want to register to get in touch with a lister, click ‘list for free’ and skip straight to registration.

Reblogging: Even detergent ads for ’stupid housewives/moms’ can be creative.

Found this PSA video from Thai government on saving energy. Another creative way of doing things a little more differently and creatively.


Even detergent ads for ‘stupid housewives/moms’ can be creative.

I came across this wonderful ad. It’s made in Thailand, by Thai marketers for Thai moms and Thai housewives (the target market for household detergents).

The question to ask is… will our local marketers ever catch up on this new way of treating consumers with respect? The local multinationals and their local marketers are notorious for churning out cliched mindless stupid ads – aimed at ‘stupid malaysian mothers’.

A detergent ad must have some of these elements:
1) Mothers/woman homemaker
2) Scientific man in a lab coat
3) A lab with a laundry machine or pail
4) Children playing in dirt
5) Dirty clothing

These are tried and tested formula (and backed by research too, apparently) that will make mothers/housewives buy a partcicular brand of detergent. If you don’t have any of these elements, mothers will not buy their brand of detergent.

Just go and look at any made-for-Malaysia Procter&Gamble, Reckitt Benkiser, Colgate-Palmolive, et. al. advertisements out there and see if they ever break these conventions. They quite simply don’t respect the malaysian mothers/homemaker’s ability to respond to messaging that goes beyond these superficial conventions.

Then the question to ask is – would I buy from these brands who do not respect my ability to appreciate humour, my desire to be entertained, to piece things together on my own, and go out and try a new product because I feel connected to it?

Anyway, this I believe, is as creative as our local marketers get:

Now, ask yourself… which brand would you want to buy from?