Epic PPP by Jeff: Advertising should be …











Scientists said we can learn advertising from anyone, anywhere. I would like to show some examples i found on the Youtube.

1. Advertising should be different. 

– A good ad must be different than all others ads. Braver, sadder, louder, funnier & etc. Pick one.

– Take a look at these 2 Golden Globe hosts, Jen Lopez & Ricky Gervais.

2. Advertising should be simple. 

– I think advertisements should be as simple as possible. People are always don’t have enough time for ads.

– Take a look at this comedy program. It so simple it doesn’t need dialogues. Just some simple acting and music.

3. Advertising should be useful. 

– If an ad can’t be brave, at least make it useful.

– This website below is a site that help travellers find sweet cozy rooms in other countries. It is a internet business but i think Airasia can be a brand that created this website and help their customers travel more. Instead of create yet another TVC and urge people to use their airlines.


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