When you got absolutely no USP, no unique product feature…

In todays world of rapid business and technological advancement, sometimes there really isn’t much to talk about in your products. Sure, we spend millions on the R&D for this feature that does this extra thing, better than Brand X, and 2 times better than Brand Y. Don’t get me wrong, innovation is a wonderful thing. And when everyone innovates, as a society, we get somewhere, we move up, we live better lives. eg – Cellphones, 3G and Smartphones have made sharing and connecting with others a lot easier. These are great stuff to have and show off.

But that said, which local telco doesn’t have 3G? Which big cellphone brand doesnt have smartphones? You get the drift. Because I don’t have to tell you I’m the better 3G coverage, or I’m the more reliable network. Are you really going to believe me, especially when I tell you that I’m better, and bigger, and more powerful, with more users, and the No.1 Brand?

No.  You’re going to ask your friends about me, and ask your friends friends. You’re more likely to believe them and their personal experience, than you are to believe me.

I’d have to put in a a lot of effort to try and convince you that I’m the best provider for your needs. More so if what I offer is not that much different from Brand X and Brand Y.

It’s better for me if you came up to that conclusion, yourself.

So, if that’s the case, then how can I make a big impact in your life, before you’ve bought into me?

Here’s a really nice example of selling something that has no innovation, no unique feature, no nothing. But if you get the humour, I promise you’ll be picking them up in your next visit to the supermarket.

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